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What did Aladdin ask the genie of the lamp?

The best-known version of Aladdin in the modern West only bears a passing resemblance to the real story of Aladdin from Arabian Nights. For example, the original had two genies, only one of whom was trapped in a lamp, Aladdin wasn’t an orphan beggar, and the genie wasn’t, well, blue.

One key difference is what Aladdin asks the genie of the lamp for in the original story. It isn’t as simple as getting three wishes or asking to become a prince. In fact, Aladdin asks the genie of the lamp for a number of things, including to be transported into the princess’ bed.

Genie Meanings

“Genie in a Bottle” Meaning (Song by Christina Aguilera)

“Genie in a Bottle” is a pop song by Christina Aguilera released on her self-titled debut album in 1999. It became the biggest-selling single in the U.S. that year, topped the Billboard 100 charts, and quickly sold over 2 million copies. You couldn’t turn the radio on without hearing it!

The lyrics to Genie in a Bottle mean something different to different people. One thing is pretty clear, however: it barely has anything to do with actual genies, bottles, or wishes.

Origin of Genies

Are genies immortal?

Genies are often presented as immortal supernatural beings that grant wishes made by humans. Their immense powers are only unleashed after they’re freed from an oil lamp or bottle. As soon as they wake, they comment on how long they’ve been sealed away and how glad they are to be free.

This brings up unusual questions: are genies immortal? Can they actually live forever trapped in a lamp? Can they live forever when they roam the world freely?

Genie in the Lamp Origin

Significance of the Genie in the Lamp

Genies are usually paired with lamps in the western world. The genie/lamp significance is tied directly to these tales, creating unique symbolism surrounding these spirits from the ancient Middle East.

What’s the deeper significance of the genie in the lamp story, though? Were these tales told just for entertainment, or was there a deeper meaning with genies and lamps? Below we’ll explore a few ideas about what the genie trapped in a lamp story could really mean.